Rule your building then RULE THE WORLD!

Your building begins small but there's room for unlimited growth if you manage your monsters right. Attract new tenants, watch them go to work, fall in love and even have children. Keep them happy with the right mix of furnishings and upgrades and they'll slaughter every troublesome human in sight!

Battles are a thrilling blend of strategy and tactics: rouse your monsters with a knock on their door, summon them to battle, outnumber and trap invading humans in pincer formations, and collect the spoils of victory! As your triumphs mount and your tenants proliferate, gain gold and prizes to expand and upgrade your building and reward your most loyal and bloodthirsty monsters.


  • Meet 20 amusing & vicious monster species, each with different stats, abilities and distinctive personalities that react uniquely to every interaction!
  • Discover 50+ special quests to unlock new monsters, furnishings and power ups – collect them all to create the ultimate customized monster apartment building
  • Deploy strategy, cunning and your terrifying monster tenants to slaughter human raiding parties in gloriously bloody battles
  • Individual monster families react to your performance and play style, build your reputation with each and march to victory
  • Monster families spawn horrifying offspring that are more powerful and destructive: lavish naughty gifts on monster parents to “get them in the mood” and build the most powerful army the world has ever seen!
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  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PS4/PSN
  • Available
  • Sep 13th 2016
  • Strategy/Action
Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes
Mild Blood
Teyon - Unholy Heights
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